X-Ray and Fixer Disposal

page-thum-xrayFounded in 1993, Pathacura is a CT based family-owned business providing disposal of regulated medical, chemotherapy, and Rx waste, as well as e-waste (computers ) for generators, x-rays and fixer in CT, NY, PA, RI & MA.

Used fixer from X-ray processing is a dangerous waste because it contains high concentrations of silver–3,000 to 8,000 parts per million— and anything over 5 ppm is dangerous waste. Because of these high silver levels, it’s illegal to put used fixer down the drain, into a septic system or into the garbage.

Our staff is continuously trained to remain abreast of proper handling, removal, and disposal procedures to ensure the safety of your staff and patients. Our thorough documentation process protects the public, minimizes legal risk and creates a safe, compliant, worry-free environment; allowing you and your staff to dedicate your time and resources to the needs of your patients and clients.

As a locally based company, we provide convenient, cost-effective services for any customers generating 1-10 gallons per month. For amounts over this volume, we recommend using silver recovery units for the management of used fixer because it makes economic and practical sense to reclaim the silver.

We provide all services at a guaranteed 20% savings to your current provider, but often deliver savings up to 40%. Additionally, there are no long term contracts. If you are not happy for any reason you will not be held back by a restrictive long term contract.

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