page-thum-shreddingSince 1993, Pathacura based in CT, has served businesses in CT, NY, PA, RI, & MA by providing cost effective biological, hazardous, shredding and e-waste solutions for small- and medium-sized health care facilities, veterinary clinics, testing facilities, and other medical service providers.

Pathacura Shredding provides document destruction services that ensure client, employee and confidential business information are securely destroyed to meet HIPAA laws.

How it works:
Our 5-step process is straightforward:

  1. Customer places sensitive information and documents into locked console.
  2. Customer calls or e-mails a request for pick up.
    - Automatic customers are scheduled and not required to call.
  3. Pathacura representative arrives to remove documents.
  4. Documents are brought back to Pathacura HQ for shredding.
  5. Upon destruction, Certificates of Destruction are e-mailed to customer.

Whether you generate a couple boxes a month, or are performing an annual clean-up of old records, Pathacura is dedicated to providing you safe, secure and cost-effective record destruction services. Our thorough documentation process protects the public, minimizes legal risk, and creates a safe, compliant, worry-free environment; allowing you and your staff to dedicate your time and resources to the needs of your patients and clients.

The HIPAA Security Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ electronic personal health information that is created, received, used or maintained by a covered entity.
The Security Rule requires appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of electronic protected health information.

Examples of Health Information

  • Paper records and reports
  • Electronic records
  • Spoken communications
  • Patient radiographs
  • Patient photographs

If you are reading this, chances are the HIPAA Security Rule applies to you. In order to keep your patient information safe and eliminate the liabilities associated with Protected Health Information (PHI), give Pathacura a call for a free evaluation at 203-937-9501.