page-thum-pricingCustomized and Unbeatable Pricing

Since 1993, Pathacura has helped businesses throughout CT, PA, NY, RI & MA by providing cost effective disposal solutions for medical and hazardous waste.

As a locally based company, we provide convenient, cost-effective services with a level of service aimed at customers generating between two boxes per year and 20 boxes per week; including: health care facilities, veterinary clinics, dental centers, private medical groups, laboratories, funeral homes, government agencies and pharmaceutical distributors.

Why should you consider Pathacura?

While we guarantee at least a 20% savings compared to your current provider, customers often realize a 40% reduction in overall cost. How is this done? Simply by eliminating the minimum number of boxes and pick-ups per year. This minimum charge is often times how customers end up paying for unnecessary services. This coupled with our low per box rate is how we can guarantee a 20% savings and often times help you realize a 40% reduction in cost.

When we say …“Our focus is on you, the customer”, this is not just a tagline, it is our focus, it is how we run our business. For without you, there would be no Pathacura. Remember the days when the customer when customer service really mattered? We do, and that is how and why we run our business, for you the customer.

So whether you are a small medical practice generating 2 to 10 boxes a year, a medium size or multi-location clinic generating up to 100 boxes a year, or a larger blood testing, pharmaceutical or life science facility, generating up to 10-20 boxes per week. We encourage you to contact us and request a cost free savings evaluation.