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Pathacura understands keeping up with the latest news and certifications about HIPAA Standards, OSHA Regulations concerning Medical Waste, Shredding and File Storage can be challenging.

For your convenience we compile articles on these topics to assist you in this effort. Most can often be read within three minutes …yes, we keep them short and to the point as we understand this is one of many hats you wear at your business.

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Red Medical Waste Bag

Red Medical Waste Bags- The Good and The Bad.

What goes into, and what stays out of Red Medical Waste Bags? If you work in the medical field, chances are you’ve seen a red medical waste bag lying around at some point. Maybe you’ve never touched one or maybe you dispose of waste in there daily. However, no matter what your relationship with these […]

Medical Sharps

Sharps: Everything You Need To Know.

What exactly are sharps? Sharps. It seems like a pretty obvious name, and maybe that’s because it is an extremely obvious name. Sharps refer to devices with sharp points or edges that have the ability to puncture or cut skin. The following are examples of sharps: Needles Syringes Lancets (These are also known as “fingerstick” […]

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