Knowing Your State Laws On Medical Waste Disposal

State lawsLaws and regulations vary from state to state.

State regulations governing medical waste disposal in Connecticut and surrounding states (PA, NY, RI and MA) are strictly regulated and include harsh penalties for facilities that do not comply with state laws governing medical waste disposal.

Generally, states define medical waste as “biomedical waste” which refers to any pathological, chemotherapy or otherwise infectious waste produced by administration of healthcare or generated during animal/human research. Examples of common medical waste include all bodily fluids, “sharps” (discarded lancets and needles, scalpel blades, syringes, etc.) and animal carcasses exposed to infectious pathogens.

Medical Waste Disposal Guidelines for CT, PA, NY, RI and MA

Medical waste must be packaged and labeled according to state regulations. Only qualified transporters are permitted to convey medical waste to treatment facilities designed to engage in certified medical waste disposal. For example, chemotherapy and pathological waste must be incinerated. Infectious waste must also be incinerated, subjected to steam sterilization or another approved treatment technology.

Possible Penalties of Improper Medical Waste Disposal

When state laws in CT, PA, NY, RI and MA governing medical waste disposal are violated, the noncompliant facility may suffer suspension of its license to operate and/or be ordered to pay fines that could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, health care professionals in charge of these facilities could also lose their license.

Depend on Pathacura Medical Waste Disposal Company to Comply With State Laws

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