Our Focus is on You, the Customer.

When we started our family business in 1993, our goal was simple Provide cost effective and responsible solutions for medical waste disposal in Connecticut. By focusing on this goal and our customer’s needs, over the past 20 years, we have expanded both into new markets like PA, NY, RI & MA, as well and increased […]

Our Pricing = Your Savings

Since 1993, Pathacura has helped businesses throughout CT, PA, NY, RI & MA by providing cost effective disposal solutions for medical and hazardous waste customers. Why should you consider Pathacura? Savings While we guarantee at least a 20% savings compared to your current provider, customers often realize a 40% reduction in overall cost. How is […]

Training & Compliance

Pathacura is constantly focused on laws and regulations affecting you and your staff. Licensed and insured in CT, PA, NY, RI & MA … our focus on training takes a common sense approach to keeping you and your staff compliant HIPAA Statutory and regulatory background and purpose of HIPAA and a general summary of the […]